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Top-Five out of the seven girls attend Nora Cronin Presentation Academy.More than 250 rowers competed on indoor rowing machines, with participants from NFA Varsity Crew, the Newburgh Rowing Club, the Nora Cronin Presentation Academy Crew Team and others

Nora Cronin Presentation Academy is Now part of the Newburgh Rowing Club

“The Good Ship” Nora Cronin Presentation Academy”

On Sunday Nov. 3 the crew boat Nora Cronin Presentation Academy was christened at the Newburgh Rowing Club's headquarters on the banks of the Hudson River.  Ed Kennedy, the director and guiding spirit of the youth rowing program in the City of Newburgh, a champion coach himself, was the host. Sr. Yliana Hernández PBVM said the blessing before club members and honored guests spilled the champagne on each new boat.

    These included: the William Kaplan in honor of philanthropist Bill Kaplan who has helped so many Newburgh programs Newburgh Supervisor Wayne Booth did the honors for The Town of Newburgh boat; Former "Team Mom" and fundraiser, Dr. Michele Winchester-Vega and her family cheered on the Dr. Winchester-Vega; The Team Mom boat was christened by all the moms of the rowers; and Sr.Yliana along with Karen DeCrosta, Ellenjane Gonyea and Michele Winchester-Vega shared the joy of launching The Nora Cronin Presentation Academy.

    Coach Kennedy told a story about the acquisition and reconstruction of each boat. One was a "member" of the US Olympic team. Another won the NYS Empire games. Some came from colleges. The NCPA is actually the merging of two boats into one reconstruction - quite fitting for the academy and its experiences with restoring our school building.




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