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The Lantern of Hope Student Sponsorship Program provides more than just an opportunity to give to a worthy cause; it is a way to connect personally to our students, who can flourish socially and academically due to the generosity of a sponsor. By sponsoring a student, you are providing the gift of education, friendship, and hope.  Our objective is to reach girls from the lowest income neighborhoods of Newburgh and the Hudson Valley and help them achieve success through education.  We invite you to be part of the mission of our unique school with your generous contribution.

$10,000  = 1 Student Sponsorship

Sponsors can be:  Individuals, families, friends, groups,


The Gift of Friendship

NCPA wants each sponsor to feel connected to a particular student and vice versa. This connection will allow each student to recognize that someone cares and believes in her, thus fostering the development of character and maturity in each student.  As a Lantern of Hope, you will be:

  1. Introduced to one of our students via letter.  You will be receiving two letters throughout the academic year from your student updating you on the progress she is making, as well as her challenges or general life experiences at school.
  2. Given opportunities to come together at school sponsored events.  Once a year, we will host a breakfast where all students and their sponsors will get the chance to connect further. We also welcome sponsors to attend other NCPA events throughout the year.
  3. Welcomed by your student upon visiting NCPA.  The sponsored student will give a tour of the school to her sponsor.


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