Nora Cronin Presentation Academy
Nora Cronin Presentation Academy

Nora Cronin Presentation Academy


Volunteer Teachers

Sophia Bayno - Music

George Bowles Jr. - Physical Education

Barbara Hatfield - Art

Nancy Reinauer- Speech

Shirley Sullivan - Spanish Teacher

Verna Kirwan, Bob Hatfield - Substitute Teachers

Eileen Doyle and Kira Tutko- Computer

Ellen Egan- Math Tutor


Shane Petrollese-IT

Louise M. Fern, C.P.A., PLLC, Daisy Vale, Ursula Slattery - Finance

George Salinovich, Jorge Mendoza, Frank Miranda, Tony Miranda- Building



Extended Day

Coordinator: Pam Denisi


Hours: Mon- Thrus.

3:15 - 5 PM


Beth Kennedy, Josephine Ford, Dr. Cathy Squillini,Virginia Nasser, Pat Moran, Nancy Reinaur, Louise Coletti, Cathy Grinder, Bob Quilan, Donna Brown, Patricia Galfano, Eileen Mulvey, Barbara Shapiro, Monica Cieslak, Carly Grinder, Krishna Lopez (class of 2011), Fox Hill Community


To Volunteer: Contact the school at 845-567-0708

Fox Hill Community volunteer tutor
Computer/Library facilities
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A Spicey Spring evening filled with Mambo, Latin Jazz  and entertainment

featuring dancing to the music of the

Tito Puente Jr, Ensemble 

SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2018

6:30:PM - 11:00 PM

Space is limited; please reserve your tickets by May 1st

For more information please contact David Archer at (914)299-0837

Or e-mail


For School Closures 

Visit: WHUD

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