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Nora Cronin Presentation Academy Students won Academic Awards

Graduate Support Program


When the student graduates from Nora Cronin Presentation Academy, her relationship with the school and our relationship with her continues. We seek to:

  • help the student achieve academic excellence,
  • assist her in finding a college and career that matches her own gifts and strengths, and
  • support and work as a team  when the college admission process starts
  • grow in understanding the path God is calling her to follow,
  • help foster a community spirit through service.
"Nora Cronin Presentation Academy has taught me to build my character, to step out of my comfort zone, and believe that the impossible is possible." -Erika Jimenez

"Our school focuses on education and faith. Everyone knows each other. All are welcomed and we are united. We strive to do our very best." 

-Isabella Kavallaris 

NCPA: Class of 2016 

John F. Kennedy Catholic H.S: Class of 2020 

Parents collecting documents needed for High School- Tony Scully (top right)
Parent at Graduate Support Meeting
"NCPA has a great impact in my life and till this day they still do. The teachers, principal, and staff are always very welcoming and very helpful. I thrived at NCPA because of the individual help I received. Today, when I need help, I have no problem ask

"As a student, you feel as if you are one of many, but Nora Cronin Presenation Academy recongnizes your individuality and thrives on mutual respect. The spirit of NCPA prevails after graduation and becomes a motivation for you to achieve your highest aspirations" 

- Arianna Recinos 

NCPA: Class of 2014 

John S. Burke Catholic H.S: Class of 2018 

Sr. Yliana and Graduates
Proud Parent Lighting the Way



Contact Sr. Yliana Hernández, PBVM at:

845-567-0708 or e-mail today!


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